COMA (2009)

  • comaimage13


Rui de Carvalho
Miguel Moura

The “COMA”´s main objective is to cause performance experiences, as a artistic way of expression, combining interdisciplinary action and sound, in real time . Its performance and handling are the purpose of the artifact itself. In this case the machine becomes the instrument that drives the sound, where the viewer can, not only act in a contemplative way but also as an interactive and performance agent.

It is therefore part of a project of collecting sensory information, a technical, sculptural and dynamic instrument, that works reproducing the subject´s state of mind, recording in real time changes in the heart´s rhythm, communicating them in sound, as if it was a palliative.
The enforcement of this machine emitting sound signals, expressed in digital-analog artifact, symbolizes a therapeutic tool projected on a art´s representation that stimulates the viewer.

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