Study Plan

General Structure

Semester Learning Unit Credits ECTS*
*ECTS = European Credit Transfer System
* Optional Learning Units for 2015/16

  • Animation
  • Advances in Technology and Digital Art
  • Imagination and Creativity in Expressive Arts
1st Computational aesthetics 5
Human-Computer Interaction 5
Computer Vision 5
Introduction to Technology of
Sensors and Actuators
Programming for Digital Arts I 5
Technology and Digital Arts
Integration Project I
2nd Usability Evaluation 5
Digital Sound and Music 5
Option* 5
Programming for Digital Arts II 5
Digital Narratives 5
Technology and Digital Art
Integration Project II
3rd and 4th Development of Learning Objects 5
Virtual and Augmented Reality 5
Seminar in Technology and Digital Art 5
Thesis 45


The work for the thesis will conclude the training and it will be related to a professional aspect of the course. The work of the thesis aims to provide an opportunity for the course member to implement and/or practice with the knowledge and competencies acquired during the Course, in the context of non-academic aspects entrepreneurial or institutional practices and/or operations. Furthermore, it is expected that some thesis work could end up leading to future research and development work at the doctoral level.