Artificial (2013) João Martinho Moura. Exhibition at Gnration Braga

Exhibition at GNRATION Braga:
1st to 30th May 2013
Edifício GNRATION, Braga
ARFITICIAL (2013), João Martinho Moura

Minimal audio-visual generative sculpture. Custom algotithmic sound pattern creation. Curated by Ângela Berlinde for the gnration art platform. Inspired by the traditional form of pattern creation in drum machines in the 80′s like the legendary TR808, one of the first programmable form of sound pattern creation. iPad Software Support: TECField / Acknowledgments: Ana Correia / Francisco / Ivo / João Loureiro / Jorge Sá / PROMAIS / MTAD UMinho / engageLab UMinho

link: Project page